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Figuring out who to contact to get your music played can be a size-able task so we started this company to make it easy for you. Our ever-growing directory is your key to getting your music in front of today's most influential music writers and tastemakers. We have gathered the contact information of over 3000+ radio stations, DJ’s and playlist curators.  In addition to the over 3000 media and video  outlets we deliver to, all in an effort to help you Get your Music Played.


Send To radio

Get it Played is a service based membership for musicians, producers, record labels and industry personnel. We send your music to the right people to Get It Played.


spotify playlist

Currently featuring over 2K playlists independently-curated by Independent Spotify Curators (real humans, not robots!) who are willing to support new artists and break new music.


Send to Media

We offer comprehensive plans where we'll send your music to the most up-to-date list of media publications. These range from genre specific to mass music outlets targeting an extensive list of online blogs, newspapers, magazines, etc. In total, we'll get your single/album sent out to over 3000 of the country's most acclaimed outlets! The sky's the limit, with many places doing reviews, publishing press releases, creating interview opportunities, and beyond. 



Our Music Blog Directory is the most comprehensive & up-to-date list of Music Blogs available anywhere! This is your guide to over 2,800+ Music Blogs from across the globe spanning every musical genre. 

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