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Here at Get It Played we can help you massively boost your exposure when we send your EPK to over 3000 popular Music Directories and over 3000 media outlets.  Each Music Directory is categorized by genre so we can easily contact the correct people that welcomes your specific style of music.

Our Directories Include:

  • Radio: terrestrial, online, and satellite

  • Spotify Playlist Curators

  • Streaming Service Providers

  • Video Content Curators

  • Broadcast TV

  • Music Blogs

  • Media: online, print, magazines, newspapers, etc.

The Genres we provide services for:



Classic Country





Spotify Playlist Directory


Currently featuring over 2K+ playlists independently-curated by Independent Spotify Curators (real humans, not robots!) who are willing to support new artists and break new music.


Music Blog Directory


This is your guide to over 2,800+ Music Blogs from across the globe spanning every musical genre. Our ever-growing directory is our key to getting your music in front of today's most influential music writers and tastemakers.


Indie Radio Directory


This directory is our gateway to over 1,500+ of the most influential program directors, music directors, and DJ’s from across the country who support new music and help break new bands!


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