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Performed by HeartLande (Fred Lynch, Greg Blake, Jeff Lyon, Steve Powell); with accompanying musicians: Mark Schatz, acoustic bass; Jesse Brock, mandolin; Aynsley Porchak, fiddle; Tony Dingus, pedal steel; Greg Blake, acoustic rhythm guitar; Aaron Jaxon, electric guitar; John Gardner, percussion.



My songwriting buddy, David Stewart, gave this song to me a couple of years ago.  When I went into the studio recently to record my new solo album - People, Places and Songs - I new I wanted to do this one.  It needed a “classic country” feel, I thought, so we recorded it that way – with pedal steel, drums and electric guitar.  As I listened back to the finished product, it felt like it still needed something.  I immediately thought of my old college buddies – Fred, Jeff & Steve.  Years back we had put together a sort of “cover band” for Oak Ridge Boys songs and southern gospel quartet pieces.  

We’d go sing at churches and local county fairs and such and had a good ol’ time.  Well, as you’ll hear, they were just what this song needed.  Hope you enjoy the rich harmonies (Jeff up high and Steve filling in the gaps) and Fred’s incredible bass singing!  And, of course, may the poignant message of David’s great song resonate in your heart and mind … “There’s a time to reflect, and a time to move on; so don’t plant your seeds in a field full of stones – Aint Never Been a Right Way to Do Something Wrong!”

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