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Geoff Buell

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Geoff Buell's "Good Saddles" Takes Center Stage in New Music Release

[Rancho Mirage, CA July 2023] 


Geoff Buell, a rising star in the country music scene, is set to captivate audiences once again with his latest single, "Good Saddles." Inspired by a chance encounter with a powerful performance by Kevin Denney, Buell's journey with this heartfelt song has finally led him to record and share it with the world.

Buell's journey with "Good Saddles" began in 2011 when he stumbled upon a YouTube video of Kevin Denney's live rendition of the song at Puckett's Grocery. Enthralled by the performance, Buell quickly became a devoted fan of Denney's version. Determined to share the magic of the song, he started performing it at his own live shows, hoping to capture the same essence that resonated deeply with him.

Fate intervened when Buell's friend and producer, Jody Stevens, happened to hear him perform "Good Saddles" one fateful night. Struck by the song's emotional power, Stevens exclaimed, "Man, that song is killer!" Inquiring whether Buell had written it himself, Buell humbly responded, "I wish!"

Over the years, "Good Saddles" took a backseat in Buell's repertoire, until an opportunity to perform at a trail ride in the picturesque Bighorn Mountains presented itself. Buell saw this as the perfect occasion to reintroduce the song to his audience. Much to his delight, "Good Saddles" was an instant hit among the riders, reaffirming its timeless appeal.

Encouraged by the overwhelming response, Buell resolved to record "Good Saddles" himself. As he embarked on the journey to create new music, the song naturally claimed the top spot on his list. With heartfelt lyrics and Buell's captivating vocals, this rendition promises to honor the spirit of the song that first touched his soul.

Geoff Buell's unwavering passion for "Good Saddles" has led him to breathe new life into this beloved track. Fans and music enthusiasts can anticipate an authentic and evocative rendition that pays homage to the magic that initially drew Buell to the song. With the release of "Good Saddles," Geoff Buell aims to captivate audiences, evoking emotions and memories with every note.

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