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Defining your “brand” as an artist is an important step in choosing a look, career path, and even sound. But what does that really mean? What constitutes a “brand,” anyway? A brand is anything that defines or represents you. It is a unique point like a name, symbol, caption or attribute that helps people identify you and differentiate you from others in the trade.

The 21st Century ‘business’ of music like any other business, requires a proper approach, sale-able content and brand identity. Many musicians who have great content fail due to the lack of two very basic things that define them as artists: The ability to connect with the right audience, and having effective music branding ideas.

Here's what we need from you

Your Music


So, first things first! The reason you are here is because you have music you want to get out to the world! We will need yours songs to be hi-res MP3s... that means we would like 320 Kbps. 



10:00 am

We need a short bio (50 words max) that tells us a little about yourself and what your music is about! Remember, you want to get their attention!


CD covers, Headshots, Promo Pics

We will need your artwork to be in a JPEG at 1000x1000 px, 300 dpi, 


Video, Press Releases, Bio....

Send us your press release for your single or video along with your approved promo pic for the release.  We’ll take care of the rest and deliver to media, music blogs, magazines, newspapers both here in the US and internationally.  Our special video media list will give you opportunity to get your music video to online and broadcast TV, all part of the process to GET IT PLAYED!

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